-System Consultation/Engineered Design

RNA Productions, Inc. is dedicated to providing each client a truly personalized experience and to understand your unique Custom Electronic vision.  To fulfill those requests in detail we create an Engineered System Design through a discovery process identifying solutions that answer vision and change lifestyles.  We then integrate those solutions into the custom engineered system design.  As each system design is custom tailored to the individual project a thorough design review is scheduled to discuss every aspect of the design, make necessary changes and ensure satisfaction with every detail.  With the final System Design completed we obtain approval confirming satisfaction with the solutions presented, the budget, the integration of our services and the products in the system design.  With the design review complete we discuss installation time lines and scheduling moving forward with the project.


In today’s connected world of custom electronics, system integration is more important than ever. New custom electronic solutions are designed to connect and integrate, bringing together multiple systems maximizing their potential and having them work as a whole.  Because of interactions between major components and multiple systems a broad range of skills and knowledge is needed, including user interface, programming, Audio/Visual, Computing, Networking, power conditioning and much, much, much more.

-Service/ Issue Resolution

Today’s culture relies heavily on custom electronic solutions.  Existing custom electronic systems will need updates, upgrades, service and troubleshooting.  RNA Productions, Inc. is here to help.  RNA will send an Expert Integrator to your location; we will identify all issues, make a thorough diagnosis and discuss what is essential for your custom electronic system.   RNA Productions unmatched attention to detail will ensure the quality and stability of your custom electronic systems.