System Engineering and Design-


To fulfill requests in detail RNA Productions, Inc. creates custom Engineered System Designs as the most effective process to consult a solution matched to the needs of our clients. Throughout our consultations, we identify solutions that address needs and change lifestyles. We then integrate those solutions into a custom engineered system design. Each system design is individual; during the design review, we discuss every aspect of the design, make necessary changes and ensure complete satisfaction with every detail. Only then do we move into the Integration Process.

Power Conditioning-


POOR POWER quality is the primary cause of POOR SOUND quality! POOR POWER quality is the primary cause of POOR VIDEO quality! Sensitive electronic components are affected significantly by poor power quality. Any sudden loss or drop of power puts undue stress on ALL electronic equipment increasing hardware crashes and failure while greatly decreasing life span. The solution! RNA Productions utilizes power conditioning units on all systems to ensure trouble free operation and extended life while greatly increasing audio and video quality and minimizing the chance of data loss, equipment damage and failure.

Solar - Independent Power-


When on tour or RVing with the sun as an endless-clean power source a solar-rechargeable battery system offers true freedom on the road. Stay connected, stay secure, run appliances, run lighting, run fans, run electronics to record that next album and even give your crank battery that little extra to turn over your engine. Whether you are urban boondocking or dry camping in the wilderness with the use of inverters, chargers, controllers, batteries, solar panels and monitoring you will spend less on fuel, savor the quiet, enjoy the freedom of cordless and feel empowered knowing your are using clean renewable energy!!

Tour Bus Electronics-


We’re living in a connected world!! On the road things are moving so fast it’s more important than ever to remain connected while you’re on your Tour Bus. Stay in touch with Booking Agents, Managers and other Artists to keep the Tour safe, trouble free and profitable. Now, more than ever with the ability to integrate smart devices, control systems, networking devices, security, communications, GPS, music systems and recording we can have the same productivity and sources of inspiration on the road that we do off the road. Go over that new song before tonight’s show, track that new guitar part before it’s forgotten, contact and email the venue with stage map updates or ease your mind watching a John Belushi Comedy…

Structured Wiring-


The digital revolution is here and it's moving fast. Gone are the days of a single telephone line, today’s technology relies on and cannot function without multiple types of cabling. Technology is a broad field that is constantly growing, ever changing in its design and evolving in its possibilities. Preparing your environment for today’s technology as well as enabling you to adopt new technology as it develops relies on structured wiring. When it comes to structured cabling and wiring systems, consider that old-style wiring does not support today’s technologies, let alone new technologies on the horizon. In fact, many brand-new structures with ordinary wiring are already obsolete. With central panels and wall outlets fed by structured cabling you can take advantage of current technologies while being prepared and equipped for the technologies around the corner and beyond….

Network and Internet-


Today's smart devices are fully integrated and completely reliant on a Data Network Backbone. Interacting with smart systems using an existing or easily expanded area wide data network provides secure access to a centralized internet connection, data storage, communications, AV, CCTV, security, lighting controls, automation and property access from anywhere. With the benefits of an area wide centralized data network location to simplify physical security as well as providing climate control AND power conditioning ensures reliable trouble-free operation of the data network so all your smart systems are there when you need them. Whether you are at work, on tour or at home todays modern smart devices cannot function without a fast, strong, secure and reliable data network.



Communication in today's modern structure or business has shifted from the conventional telephone to a hybrid of multiple technologies and devices. Although the wired telephone and telephone system are still desired by many businesses most are best severed by a combination of wireless phones, cell phones, tablets, laptops and computers. Video conference team members traveling abroad, check in with your colleagues or Facetime friends across the state or country. Many of today’s cutting-edge businesses use PBX phone systems with multi-cell cordless add-ons and access points located in key areas of the building allowing you to move freely as you seamlessly hop from cell station to cell station.



Control systems streamline and simplify all your technology offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort, convenience and safety. A control System Solution eliminates the need to walk from room to room to or to be there at all to adjust drapes, lights, temperature, audio/video components, open/ lock a door or arm security systems. Whether from an easy-to-use color customized touch screen, remote or keypad, control is always at your fingertips. Imagine the experience, comfort and safety a Control System can bring to your life…

Lighting Control/Shade/Temp-


Lighting is the one element everyone comes in contact with. A lighting control system offers the ability to adjust any light or motorized shade from any location. Create just the right setting, mood or ambiance for an intimate dinner party, family night at the movies, reading in bed or late-night stroll to the kitchen. Controlled dimmer-based lighting along with motorized shades delivers the freedom to change your living space to suit your lighting needs while saving energy; all at the touch of a button. Lighting control offers the freedom to create art with light using your space as the canvas with remote control convenience. With lighting scenes, the entire environment can be altered for any daily activity



Wish you could see your Tour Bus, RV or business while away?  With a Surveillance system in place it’s like you never left.  Using today’s technology, it’s possible to monitor your surveillance cameras via the internet from anywhere in the world using your Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop.

“ Yes, there is an APP for that!”

Multi Room Audio-


With a multi-room audio system, music becomes the backdrop for every occasion as multi-room music truly transforms the entire space resulting in a lifestyle change that enhances day to day activities by creating just the perfect ambience and mood.



Today’s custom Cinema can be defined as the ultimate dedicated cinema room or any space possessing great sound and picture. Imagine life like colors and amazing sound that completely immerses you in the movie or TV broadcast. With superior custom cinema, you can hear the crack of the baseball bat, feel a plane fly overhead and see waves crashing on the beach as if you were there.