To whom it may concern,   Please offer Raymond Anthony and his company, RNA Productions, any courtesies and consideration for future reference. I personally have known Raymond and aware of his knowledge and capabilities since 1993. My recent interactions have been nothing short of a "job well done" in accomplishing my personal goals in a smooth, organized and reliable manner. Simply said, if you want the best service and performance, no matter how complex the task, RNA will go the extra mile to create the best situation and maintain it.  

Chris Ettell 

Tuscan Villa Vineyard and Retreat 

Lafayette, California


analogue recording seems to have been so simple—just connect a tape deck to a console and voila!  you were recording…. it wasn't quite that simple, of course, but nostalgia tells me it was, especially when i think about the complexities of digital formats, which are neither intuitive nor user-friendly…. i want to spend my hour’s making music, not reading thousand page volumes that try to introduce me to more functions in a recording format then i’d ever care to use, and what chance does an artist have when major manufactures make systems and applications that…. ha ha…. aren’t compatible, although no one tells you that until after your purchase….  that’s where raymond comes in….  raymond has consistently made sense out of a recording system that wasn’t planned: it just happened to fall together over time…. raymond’s knowledge is encyclopedic but…. he also knows what he dosn't know and makes sure he finds out…. he is dogged, determined, and persistent: he is the nemesis of phone techs the world over and, even more important, he is a man of great integrity and honor….   that i’ve finished as many projects as i have is a tribute to raymond and his skills…. i cannot recommend him highly enough, and i’d be glad to share some stories about how raymond’s gotten me back to making music….   

peter kaukonen 

hyena productions 

mill valley, california


It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to write about my experience with RNA Productions, Inc. In a word, superlative. Raymond Anthony and his team proved themselves to be highly professional and very conscientious of timing and my budget. By nature, I am a very meticulous and precise individual given to want to understand the process that leads to the ultimate outcome. RNA Productions, Inc., I feel made a concerted effort to inform me of every step of the way. Encouraging my ideas and redirecting me where appropriate. I feel it is important to know that RNA Productions, Inc. was available after their installation. Their commitment to my satisfaction during and very much after the process is noteworthy. Today, I have a great audio/ video system that is impressive and meets all my demands. I receive ongoing compliments from my friends and thats why it is a pleasure for me to offer my highest endorsements to RNA Productions, Inc. Should any questions arise please feel free to contact me.    

Yours truly, 

DJ Rodriguez MD 

Margate, Florida


I Johnny Gunn, first met Raymond Anthony while he was house engineer at Jason Newsted’s Chop House Studio in Walnut Creek, CA. He engineered and produced many sessions that I sang on for Jason.  Raymond was instrumental in acquiring the Chop House for me to record my band The Royal Doggs’. Together he and I produced The Royal Doggs’ CD, “Waggin the Human Race”, which is now available on iTunes and other digital downloading sites.  Raymond’s ear and musicianship really comes through as an engineer and producer who is very knowledgeable and takes pride in all he has learned in various degrees of education and performing.  We have not only become good friends but continue to work on projects at my studio, The Ammo Room, which he helped design and set up. We have produced sessions with Eddie Money, The MexxiBilliz, my own personal sessions and just finished a CD for a Hawaiian band called Ka Ehu Kai.    Raymond also does FOH mix for a Latin Rock band I play in called Puro Bandido at various venues in the San Francisco Bay Area including the 40th Anniversary of Wood Stock at Golden Gate Park in October of ’09.  I am honored to have Raymond Anthony on my team of professionals to help me achieve all that I can, be it in the studio or at a live show.   


Johnny Gunn